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Monday, February 27, 2012
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Meet the Rutherford family! They are such a special family.  Meredith is my step cousin and I have known her and her family my entire life.  She and her family are truly some of the sweetest people I know.  So, when she married Heath, I knew he had to be wonderful too, and he is equally as awesome as his wife! :) Anyway, they wanted to start a family, it was taking a very long time and they found out that God had adoption in their plan.  They were told about a little boy in Juarez, Mexico who was about to be born and that his mother wanted to put him up for adoption.  So they started thier adoption journey - in JUAREZ!!!! They have such an amazing story of faith and provision from God during this journey.  It was a very long process and at one point the birth mom even came back and took the baby back.  And, did I mention they were in JUAREZ!?!?! They took turns going back and forth staying in the orphanage and with a sweet family in Mexico with the baby, all while trying to get the adoption finished.  Finally, TWO years later, they were able to bring their son, Roc, home to the United States.  BUT, in the meantime, Mere had gotten pregnant!!!! And about a couple of weeks before Roc came home, they welcomed a baby girl, Camden, to the world! Dont you just LOVE when God has these kinds of surprises!?!?! They are now busy, busy bees!! Adjusting to life with two babies I am sure hasnt been exactly easy, but parenthood fits these two perfectly! I am over the moon excited for this sweet family and so thankful for God's devine plan! What a blessing it has been to watch them walk this road! And what an honor to take thier picture!! Here are a few of my favorites from our photo shoot!!

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